Watching people light up in the creative process is a beautiful experience that I am privileged to witness over and over in my work as a counsellor, artist and art therapist. I often struggle to express the depth of these experiences and found the succinct statements of artists like Pollack and Klee to be impressive…

  • Jackson Pollack – Art is coming face to face with yourself
  • Paul Klee – Art does not reproduce what we see; rather it makes us see

Flow and Feelings

Art Therapy

The art making process provides a natural container to explore thoughts and feelings, experiment with alternatives, refine our options and make decisions about what comes next.

Free the Dancing Spirit!

Please leave a message through 'contact me' to discuss fees and schedule options.

Art Classes

In the peace and ease of my home studio, private hand building classes are available. Please leave a message through 'contact me' to discuss costs and schedule options.

Mobile Clay Studio

Bringing the joy of clay to children's and youth programming through 'studio outreach'.

For each session, there will be a demonstration of techniques. After that, the children or youth are encouraged to express and appreciate their individuality. I then transport projects to my home studio to fire. The glaze finish can be a return session with the participants or I can apply something suitable based on participants’ choices.

Please contact me to discuss your ideas! As a skilled art teacher and art therapist, I can design projects or programs to meet specific criteria.

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